Welcome to ManTalk. In the complicated world in which we live, it is the dialogue between us that makes a difference, and the speaking of our personal truth that creates the spark that lights the fires of healing. Most conflict is a consequence of living in fear either externally or internally. ManTalk can help in dissolving that fear.

We fail to realize the power of being heard. Sometimes people never get the chance to be heard and therefore must hide who they truly are within. ManTalk is a place to be truly heard in a safe place. It is a place to expose and explore all that you are, Men that are like you and not like you, are here to listen and learn from your particular journey.

It is important too, to hear. Hearing the depths, fears, hurts, and hopes of others can draw a sympathetic richness out in us. It can give us a perspective of the lives of others and our own life that we would not have understood ourselves. When you open to listen you open to the possibilities of you, your neighbors, and your world.